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I enjoy looking at Costume/Fashion design of all kinds.
I get most of my inspiration from classical art from the Renaissance, Baroque and Rococo eras, and many illustrator/painters on tumblr.
I love to draw things.

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Wahhhh Home after a nice (short) weekend at AX. It went by really fast and I felt like I spent more time waiting for things and eating than doing stuff FFF. My favorite purchase was Alfi. Been wanting one of these guys for months!!! He’s so comfy to sleep with too ;w;

I got to meet a lot of people!!! And I saw a lot of old friends which was really great, like always. A tiny bit sad about my cosplay situations but at least I HAD cosplay. Everyone lost something in our group, unfortunately. Lot’s of stuff happened but it was all stupid shit that was more funny than anything. Uhhh I got Game of Throne’s pins!!! I love them all. Uhhh had a ton of fun with my usual Con buddies!!! We’re so retarded most of the time and we have so many inside jokes…It’s Daisuki……ffffffff

I’m just gonna be lazy and pass out on my bed now =w=;;

  1. kingandrogyny said: IT IS DAIJOBU BECAUSE IT’S DAISUKI, i don’t even know…
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